FAQs and team information

WELCOME, NorCal League!
Thank you for volunteering!
  • How many volunteers does my team need to have for each race? Check out the details here
  • How do I know how many people from my team have signed up for volunteer shifts? 
    • Just scroll down! When you log in to Duplie, you should see the number of volunteers signed up from your team in a box on this page. Click on the number in the circle to get more details about who is signed up from your team.
    • If you need to change the team that you are affiliated with, navigate to your Profile to select your new team name from the drop down. If you have any issues, email volunteer@norcalmtb.org.
  • How is PitZone Priority being determined? Check out the details here
  • What volunteer shifts should I sign up for? Learn more about the shifts here
  • Questions about volunteering? Email us at volunteer@norcalmtb.org
  • Questions about the NorCal NICA League? Visit https://www.norcalmtb.org/

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